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Impeccable production. Performance by high
quality standards.

Our expertise leads to the development of the production activity by improving and adjusting the existing processes, but also by automating them, respecting the quality standards.

Production of pectin or gelatin jellies.

The manufacturing process begins with the preparation of the syrup composed of water, sugar, glucose syrup and specific ingredients such as pectin or gelatin that have the role of gelling the mixture. The syrup is concentrated in a kettle, with a double mantle through which steam circulates, and then the gelatin or pectin solution is added. The resulting mass is colored, flavored and, finally, the flavors are added. This process allows the production of smaller batches and also the development of custom recipes.

The mass is poured into wells printed in starch powder, on a NID line. It allows great flexibility in terms of product shape and also gives free rein to creativity in the development of new shapes. After cooling and gelling, the resulting jellies are separated from the starch and finished with a mixture of vegetable oil and carnauba wax, for a glossy appearance, or with sugar. Packaging can be done in bulk (in units up to 6 kg) or in bags of various sizes (between 50 and 500 g).

Production of cast caramels

Our technological line can also produce chocolate wrapped caramels, at a high capacity and constant quality.

The syrup, which is prepared automatically, contains a key ingredient – milk. Due to this, after the syrup is concentrated at high temperature in our continuous boiling equipment, the unmistakable aroma and color of caramel develops, but also the specific texture. The resulting caramel is poured into molds, cooled, removed from the molds and wrapped in chocolate.

The candies are packed individually and then in bags weighing between 250 g and 1 kg. Various bulk packaging formats are also available.

Production of caramels and bars by extrusion

Our line can produce bars and pralines with various fillings (such as caramel or foam) wrapped in chocolate. The process begins with a syrup that needs to be concentrated. In the case of caramel, this syrup also contains milk, which is essential for obtaining the specific color and aroma.

In the case of foams, the egg white is responsible for obtaining a soft and fluffy texture. As it is sensitive to temperature, it must be added after boiling. All masses are then processed on our Conbar line, which uses extrusion and cutting technology to obtain a continuous countertop. It is cooled and cut into pieces according to the requirements, which are then wrapped in chocolate.

Unlike cast caramels, they can have a softer texture like fudge caramels. The obtained pralines are individually packaged in “twist wrap” type foil, while the bars in the classic “flow wrap” system, and then packed in bags or boxes, depending on the requirements.

Production of combo packs

The line is designed for the production of a combo-pack consisting of small sweets (such as chunks or chocolate dragees) in one compartment and in the other various inserts (such as toys).

Both compartments are sealed with premium-looking aluminum caps, inspected with an X-ray detector to identify any foreign bodies, and then a label is applied.

The final packaging takes place in trays and then in presentation boxes.

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